Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Schniewindt demo on CT and VT according to IEC 61850-9-2LE in Paris at Cigre 2008

Schniewindt (Neuenrade, Germany) offers one of the first Hybrid Electronic Combined Current and Voltage Transformers (VT and VT) with optical-digital data transfer according to IEC 61850-9-2LE (light editon).

Information about the sensor could be found here.

The merging unit for the CT/VT according to IEC 61850-9-2LE is available (IX 9010 Optically Powered Data Link Ethernet Output module) and in use at the RWE Process Bus R&D project in Nehden (Germany).

For information about the merging unit contact Schniewindt directly.
Information about the IEC 61850-9-2LE could be downloaded.

More details on the RWE project will be disclosed shortly. Stay tuned.

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