Thursday, August 28, 2008

GE Multilin demo on IEC 61850 based HardFiber Process Bus at Cigré 2008 in Paris

GE Multilin has demonstrated their new IEC 61850 based HardFiber Process Bus System at Cigré 2008 in Paris. There were many experts that seem to be surprised seeing this quite simple approach used for HardFiber. HardFiber may be a first step in replacing copper wires between the switch yard and the control house.

The solution is - of course - quite restricted compared to what IEC 61850 could provide for a Process Bus.

One benefit - among others - is: the Bricks for HardFiber are available.

One drawback is: Bricks are (to my knowledge) interoperable with GE Relays ONLY. To be compatible with the Bricks it would require implementing GE-specific features ... these go beyond the standard IEC 61850!

Information on HardFiber can be found here.

Download the comprehensive Manual [4.5 MB, PDF]


Unknown said...

Yes, but as a software designer I can say that it is tremendously easy to adapt IED to GE process bus

Yin joyful said...

Dear Mr.Schwarz, you are right. I have noticed BRICK for years. It has many benefit: simple, reliable synchronization......
But it also has the fatal flaw: Un-interoperability with other IEC 61850 based IEDS.