Friday, March 6, 2020

Do You Know ISO/IEC 9506-6 - The MMS Process Control Companion Standard?

Long time ago (may be when you still went to Kindergarten) there was an international standardization project defining a set of standards that offered comprehensive sets of services and models for Industrial Automation Systems:

ISO/IEC 9506 Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS)
- Part 1 (Services) and Part 2 (Protocol)

MMS was developed in the 80s and published in 1990. The standardization in ISO TC 184/SC5/WG2 took place in the context of the GM led MAP project.

Part 1 and Part 2 comprise the basic definitions for any application domain.
Click HERE for useful hints and explanations what MMS is and how it is used for IEC 61850.

The Companion Standards have been developed for specific applications:

Part 3 Companion Standard for robotics ISO/IEC 9506-3
Part 4 Companion Standard for numerical control ISO/IEC 9506-4
Part 5 Companion Standard for Programmable controllers ISO/IEC 9506-5
Part 6 Companion Standard for Process control ISO/IEC 9506-6

Part 6 seems to be a simple forerunner model of IEC 61850 for communication services models and applications models.

Cover page:

Excerpt of the application model related to a process variable (Data Model in IEC 61850):

Excerpt of the reporting model related to the report control block model in IEC 61850:

Unfortunately all MMS parts have (more or less) been ignored by the industrial automation domain. As one of the experts deeply involved since 1985 I know a bit what happened ... the most crucial reason was: many experts that did not (WANT to) understand the benefits of MMS have led to the situation today: No comprehensive unique standard for information models, services, protocols, ... has been offered for the industrial automation ... even in Industry 4.0 there is not yet one in preparation - as I see it. Even OPC UA is still looking for domain specific models ... may "copy" IEC 61850 models!?

Sure: IEC 61850 is much more than MMS !!! But MMS could be understood as a kind of forerunner for IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP), IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 (Wind).

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