Tuesday, July 2, 2019

1 MWh Electric Energy May Cost 37.856 Euro - You Don't believe it?

Belief me, this is true: You could have sold 1 MWh electric power to the German Grid for 37.856 Euro the other day (used for primary frequency control) - if you would have had the opportunity to sell it on the spot market ...

We have our roof PV system some 10 kWp since Sept 2016. The energy produced since then is 25 MWh ... this would sum up to 25 x 37.856 Euro = 946.400 Euro !! WOW !! Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to influence the German electricity market and to make such a sale ...

See some news in German regarding the situation.

Something went wrong on the 6., 12. and 25. June 2019.

The belief in the Market to fix everything ... may end up in a big blackout.

Add-On (2019-07-03):

Today I found more details on the reasons why we were so close to big trouble:

"Due to a faulty data package, the European electricity
exchange EPEX in Paris decoupled the European
electricity market on June 7, 2019. This caused a great
deal of excitement on the markets. Johannes Päffgen,
Head of Energy Trading at Next Kraftwerke, explains the
causes and consequences in an interview.
Christian Sperling: Johannes - What happened? Why
was there so much trouble at EPEX on the Friday before
the Whitsun holidays?
Johannes Päffgen: Well - in the end it's a computer error... but we should go into that later. At about 11:40 this Friday we noticed that something was wrong at EPEX. We couldn't place any more bids for the day-ahead electricity auction on Saturday. ..."

Clicke HERE for the full report.

I guess it was a human error ... somebody didn't take into account that corrupted data packages will be sent and received ... how could a faulty package have such a dangerous result?!?!


Stay tuned for more information once available.

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