Monday, April 22, 2019

Prolan Offers One Of The First CLS "Steuerboxes" Based On IEC 61850

Prolan (based in Hungary) offers one of the first Steuerboxes according to the German FNN Specification "Steuerbox":

Prolan's own-developed and manufactured device offers a solution to German energy suppliers for tariff and power control and for regeneration of renewable power plants.
The device is connected to the new smart measuring system in Germany, called "Intelligent Messsysteme", one of its system elements.
  • The role of electricity distribution: the establishment of network balance by influencing decentralized energy producers and consumers.
  • Characteristic feature:  use of modern communication technologies (bidirectional communication, encrypted data transfer).
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HIER klicken für eine Kurzinformation des VDE FNN (DE)

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