Monday, March 18, 2019

IEC TC 57 Just Published IEC 61850-10-3 on Functional Testing of IEC 61850 Based Systems

IEC TC 57 published 79 page document 57/2082/DC:

IEC TR 61850-10-3 – Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 10-3: Functional testing of IEC 61850 based systems

The growing success of the IEC 61850 series calls for guidelines for testing of substations implementing this standard. This technical report aims at producing a practical guide for protection, automation and control (PAC) engineers on best practise for testing of IEC 61850 Edition 2 with Tissues/Ed. 2.1 based devices and systems.
Since the release of the first edition of the IEC 61850 standard in 2002-2005 thousands of substations have been built making use of the new multi-part standard. Most of those systems are more integrated and complex than the previously deployed, making use of multi-function capable IEDs and the rich feature set of IEC 61850. Especially the sending and receiving of protection trips via GOOSE messaging control commands/indications, monitoring and time synchronisation information over the same shared equipment or network will need to drive changes to existing test methods and practices as many of the traditional test boundaries have changed.
Despite the large number of commissioned IEC 61850 substations considerable uncertainty among end-users (system integrators and power utilities) regarding the correct testing procedures still exists. Devices implemented according to the first edition of the standard also utilized a limited part of the test related functionality in the standard. Much of the functionality included in IEC 61850 to allow efficient, functional oriented testing has been clarified and extended in the second edition of IEC 61850 parts, 6, 7-1 to 7-4, 8-1 and 9-2. Therefore, there is a need to help the industry by describing the methods and principles for testing the IEC 61850 based applications.
This Technical Report provides insight into the changing requirements and practice of testing following the introduction of IEC 61850 based devices and systems. One example is the disappearance of so-called ‘hardwired’ connections between substation automation devices.
These connections are replaced by communication networks and this means that traditional simulation and isolation of signals for the purpose of testing is no longer possible.

Comments to this draft are due by 2019-04-19

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