Saturday, November 11, 2017

First Amendment of IEC 61850-4: System and Project Management

IEC TC 57 just published the IEC 61850-4 Amendment 1 (57/1922/CDV)
– Communication networks and systems for power utility automation
Part 4: System and project management

The main extensions of the edition 2 are:
  1. New sub-chapter 5.3.6 describes the engineering tool workflow and its chronology (which SCL files are exchanged in between configuration tools) through 3 use cases: the classical use case, the change of system tool and the interaction between 2 projects.
  2. New sub-chapter 6.4 talks about backward compatibility and deals with replacement or extension whatever the component is provided by the same or different manufacturer. To do so, it scrutinizes through 4 use cases, what kind of impacts could be acceptable for IED or tools.
The ballot closes 2018-02-02.
The CDV (committee draft for vote) is accessible for PUBLIC comments by every interested person.

Note that the amendment has already been blended into the edition 2 document for easier reading: 57/1923/INF

These extensions answer a couple of questions that come up during every seminar and in many discussions. They are extending the explanations of SCL (part 6).
The document is worth to study.

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