Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When will Hackers Take Control Over Substations?

I guess most people belief that our power delivery infrastructure is very secure - yes, I agree that this is (still) the case. What's next? There are some publicly visible efforts to change this - obviously.
One of the attempts to approach the power delivery control systems has been made public the other day with the headline:
Attack on Critical Infrastructure Leverages Template Injection
"Attackers are continually trying to find new ways to target users with malware sent via email. Talos has identified an email-based attack targeting the energy sector, including nuclear power, that puts a new spin on the classic word document attachment phish. Typically, malicious Word documents that are sent as attachments to phishing emails will themselves contain a script or macro that executes malicious code. In this case, there is no malicious code in the attachment itself. The attachment instead tries to download a template file over an SMB connection so that the user's credentials can be silently harvested. In addition, this template file could also potentially be used to download other malicious payloads to the victim's computer."
Click HERE to read the full report.
Click HERE for NYTimes report.

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