Monday, April 8, 2013

IEC 61400-25 - Poster from REpower at AWEA Windpower 2013

REpower is presenting an excellent poster about the application of IEC 61400-25 at the AWEA Windpower conference in Chicago (IL) in May 2013.

The poster concludes:

IEC 61400-25 is a new standard for Wind Turbine communications. It can
facilitate and simplify the integration of new wind projects in a multiple-vendor,
multiple-system industry.
From the experience of the author of this article, the adoption of IEC 61400-
25 by customers in new projects in the last year has been 100%
. All new
projects with REpower turbines in North America selected this interface.
The most benefit will be made once a critical mass of manufacturers, wind
farms owners, and equipment providers will use and support it.
This communication standard is needed for the wind industry to become
more efficient and competitive with traditional power sources.

Downlad the IEC 61400-25 poster [pdf, 370 KB]

… more to come.

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