Sunday, May 8, 2011

Impact of User Application on the Conformance of an IEC 61850 IED

One of the latest conformance tests has shown quite interesting results. An IED developed by SystemCorp (Perth, Western Australia) was successfully tested by KEMA recently. The IED uses a Beck IPC Chip as the core component. The SystemCorp IEC 61850 software (PIS-10 Stack) is running on this Chip platform as an integrated part – encapsulated and thus a given component.

In a paper SystemCorp has published a table of 120 test cases and shown which tested Functions are integrated in the PIS-10 Stack (integrated on the Chip) and which Functions are in the User Application that impact the conformance test.

More than 75 per cent of the test cases are of the first category (integrated in the Stack software) and less than 25 per cent of the test cases are directly depending on the User Application.

It is likely that other IEDs with the same Beck Chip and the same integrated PIS-10 stack will pass the 91 test cases of the first category easily.

Click HERE to access the table [PDF].

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