Thursday, May 20, 2010

Copy machines and security

You may think: A copy machine has nothing to do with security - you may be right with the old machines manufactured some 10 years ago. But what's about the digital copiers?

What happens with the copy of your passport the hotel staff makes? It may be communicated all over ... thanks to the digital images taken and stored.

What has all this to do with IEC 61850? May be a lot: Think of someone that wants to check his SCL file against the standard. There was (may be still is) a syntax checker available on the Internet. You just need to upload your complete SCL file to the tool and let it check your file. Somebody may have taken a copy of that file ... and now knows a lot of access information of that substation or other plant.

Click HERE for a nice report on the issue - quite interesting, isn't it?

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