Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Multi-Vendor Test Case at Frankfurt IEC 61850 training

STRI and NettedAutomation GmbH arranged the second "Comprehensive & Independent Hands-on Training" for IEC 61850 in Frankfurt, March 3-6 2009 with participants from Europe, America and Africa. The multivendor test installation with IEDs from ABB, Areva and Siemens communicating over a RuggedCom network and equipped with an Omicron test set was shipped in advance from STRI to be the test environment for the hands-on course: But it did not arrive on time. What to do now?

One crucial objective of IEC 61850 is TEAMWORK: To make different vendors to talk to each other and to work together. Omicron shipped a new test set overnight from Austria, the Doble participant to the course had brought a Doble test set and Megger/Programma surprised us with a new test set. And we got two new Ethernet switches from the Hirschmann attendee. What about the IEDs? The participant from SEL brought a Schweizer IED for IEC 61850, Siemens sent a new IED and Nicholas picked up a new Areva IED at their training center in Frankfurt. Programma offered us to borrow an ABB RET670 that Carl Öhlén from STRI picked up in Stockholm before flying down to Frankfurt. IMG_1485_bearbeitet-1

One of the hotel rooms became the IEC 61850 instant system integration and engineering center ...

DHL did a good job to force us the demonstration of REAL multivendor support and multivendor interoperability of new equipment that just arrived.

Read more details on the excellent experience on multivendor support during the Frankfurt event.

The next public IEC 61850 hands-on training will be on October 20-23, 2009 in Frankfurt.

In-house hands-on training - a solution where your people do not need to travel - is also possible. Your equipment can also be used in the multivendor hands-on training.

A big European Transmission Grid company has contracted with NettedAutomation to intensively train their SAS staff including hands-on training together with STRI .

Contact NettedAutomation for details.

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