Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Solvay uses IEC 61850 for Energy Control Center

Solvay (world-leading producer of chemicals, plastics and pharmaceutical products) uses IEC 61850 to ensure the chemical company’s power supply worldwide by utilizing an Energy Control Center based on IEC 61850. Solvay requires energy in large amounts on a consistent basis for its chemical processing, especially for soda production by electrolysis. Reliability and optimization of the supply are therefore vital to Solvay’ssuccess.

Solvay attached considerable importance to a solution with maximum standardization, not only for cost reasons but also because of its greater practicality. A standardized architecture for system features, archive and software module, as well as ease of operation and problem-free maintenance were therefore solidified in the invitation to bid.

Paper from Siemens in English, German

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