Friday, November 1, 2019

Draft IEC TR 61850-90-18 on Alarm Handling Published

IEC TC 57 just published a new 50 page draft part of IEC 61850 (57/2157/DC):

IEC Draft TR 61850-90-18
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-18: Alarm handling in IEC 61850 based systems

Comments are expected by Nov 29, 2019.

Work is done by TC 57/WG 10 together with TC 88/JWG 25 (Wind Turbines).

This part defines a methodology to handle alarms. The crucial concept is defining an “Alarm Server”.

Use-cases considered are related to:
WG 10: IED communications & associated data models in power systems
WG 17: Distributed Energy Resources
WG 18: Hydroelectric power plants
JWG 25: Wind Power

Sample Use case: Wind power system
"Several clients connected either to an alarm concentrator handling alarms from a system of
identical distributed IED’s or directly to one specific IED. Some of the alarms are defined as
latched and all alarms are defined either with or without acknowledgement.
If a wind turbine is maintained and thus in service state, all alarms must still be captured and
exposed, but marked with an “in-service” flag for filtering (and not to be annunciated).
The IED’s may either be proprietary devices or comply with IEC 61850.
Domain: Common in wind-power domains."

IEC TC 57 WG19 proposes CIM Profiles to JSON schema Mapping

IEC TC 57 WG is discussing the use of JSON for transferring message payload

DRAFT 62361-104:

Part 104: CIM Profiles to JSON schema Mapping

The introduction says:

"This standard is one of the IEC 62361 series which define standards that may be used by all
Working Groups within TC57. These standards address areas of interest that impact multiple
standards and provide consistency for implementations.
This part 104 describes a mapping from CIM profiles to IETF JSON schemas and defines the
rules that CIM JSON message payloads must adhere to.
The principle objective of this part 104 is to facilitate the exchange of information in the form of
JSON documents whose semantics are defined by the IEC CIM and whose syntax is defined by
an IETF JSON schema. ..."

JSON is applicable for encoding of CIM (IEC 61968/70) message payload and - as I believe - also for IEC 61850 message payload!

By the way: The post on "IEC 61850-8-2 Versus IEC 61850-8-1" discussing the use of JSON in addition to MMS/ASN.1/BER and MMS/ASN.1/XER has been visited 2,000 times since July 5, 2019 --> or 16 times per day.

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3-Day Training for Electrical Engineers New to IEC 61850

3-Day Training for Electrical Engineers New to IEC 61850

17-19 March 2020 | London, UK

Day One: Tuesday 17 March
Core Concepts
Overview of IEC 61850 and introduction to the core concepts, including the hierarchical data model, communication services and the range of applications possible.

Day Two: Wednesday 18 March
Engineering and Configuration
Deep-dive into the IEC 61850 engineering process, learning how to use Substation Configuration Language and engineering tools for IEC 61850 specification, system design and IED configuration.

Day Three: Thursday 19 March
Learn how to thoroughly test IEC 61850 systems, including functional and system testing as well as gaining an overview of cybersecurity considerations for IEC 61850 systems.

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